...because love is all they need.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ...because love is all they need.                                                                        

Pet Grooming...

A large part of being a responsible pet owner is ensuring your dog or cat recieves the correct level of care, determined by their breed. A regular groom is not just about how your pet looks, but is vitally important to their health and well-being. Regular grooming promotes skin and coat health by stimulating the circulation. It is also an excellent way of monitoring health by checking for parasites, cuts, heat or swelling.

Here at the DandyWalks Grooming Salon, we carry out a pre-grooming health check which includes skin, ears, eyes and teeth. These are observations only, we do not diagnose and we will always advise a vet check-up should we find anything unusual with your pet.

Most dogs and cats find grooming an enjoyable experience, however many are nervous or anxious. We practice grooming in a gentle, calm and quiet envirmonment that even the most nervous pet will find relaxing.

It is a good idea to get puppies, kittens and even bunnies used to the grooming process. We offer short and regular nail clipping, ear cleaning and brushing sessions for the youngest member of your family, to allow them to get used to being handled.

We offer a full range of grooming services:

Warm bath

A range of high quality shampoos to suit skin and coat type

Tangle free conditioner

Warm blow dry

Style or breed cut

Ears cleaning/Plucking

Nail clipping

Paw balm

Eye stain removal

Teeth cleaning

De-matting (please ask us about our de-matting policy)

Prices range from as little as £5 for some of our basic treatments such as nail-clipping to full grooming packages.

Grooming Packages start from:

Small breeds from £25

Medium breeds from £30

Large breeds from £40

Giant Breeds from £50

We also offer special pamper packages using Lavender Pet Thearapy products for Dogs who derserve their own spa day. 

All grooming packages are by appointment only and include a pick-up and drop-off service, free of charge to clients within 3 miles of our location.

Please contact us to discuss your pet's requirements

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